Other than looking good on your board why is it so important, and why are so many surfers these days looking for it in their surf wax?


Probably the most crucial is grip. With out grip you can’t carve out these massive turns and look like a pro whilst doing it.

Think car tyres!  The beading helps water displacement and creates edges for grip. If your board has a flat film of wax any water in between your foot and the board has a catastrophic effect of foot slippage. Try putting slicks on your car and go flapping around a wet track!

Wax comb is great for taking wax OFF!! Unfortunately the spiky side has little to no effect in creating edges in your surf wax. That five minute paddle out just ruined that for you.

A surf wax that can hold its beads for a long period of time will help extended surf sessions. So look for the innovators in surf wax!!


NO CASH HERE. With the cost of everything going up these days saving money is critical. The right wax that beads allows you to limit the amount you use. Hence saving you money. This also equates to less weight, keep reading were almost done.


Less weight, more speed, more fun. Not having massive amounts of surf wax layered on your board saves you on weight which equates to drag. Without going all out Einstein here, you’re on a water craft that has been specially designed to flow through the water. With extra weight pushing the board further into the water this takes away its effective glide.

Wax that beads and keeps beading on the reapply saves you using to much wax and keeps the weight out of the surfboard.

As you can see the wax you choose and how its applied makes the difference in the confidence you have in your every surf session. Not to mention a sweet looking waxed board.

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