Todays Surf Wax and What Its All About!!

Today’s surf wax has a mixture of ingredients, these differ between manufactures. Some keep ingredients to a minimum, creating a very simplistic wax, others use a variety of ingredient to achieve what they believe to be the best surf wax on the market. If I dare say there are a few brands out there that claim their wax is 100% natural and organic with no nasties the big corporations use. Who would’ve thought surf wax could be so complicated?! So what are the differences? What should I look for? What surf wax is right for me?

To put it simply there isn’t just one surf wax! It goes on personal preference, water temperature and whether you use a mixture of surf waxes.

The image above gives you a good indication on what to look for when applying surf wax.

Most of us surfers who just want to head out to a location with the most amount of stars on our surf app or the ones who have become semi pro meteorologists and know were its pumping, just want to feel confident under our feet when we hit an open faced runner.


I think we can all agree a surf wax that beads properly, goes on evenly and is sticky will be the one you will continually purchase. Stay tuned because in the next blog I’ll explain what to look for.

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