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Knowing how hard to push when applying your Surf Wax can be trial and error … until you get it right! Believe me there isn't much to it, PATIENTS is the key. Applying surf wax correctly is the single most effect thing you need, other than a surfboard! Sounds simple but it amazes me to see surfers rip out their boards with film, after film [...]

Jan Juc, Torquay Surf Report

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Jan Juc located on the surf coast of Victoria is home to a large collection of great surf spots. Jan juc Is more of an 'A' frame wave than anything else and with a large selection of spots between the Bell Beach and Jan Juc cost line you won't get board surfing them all. [...]

Burleigh Head Surf Report

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Burleigh Heads would have to be one of the most crowded surf spots I have ever surfed. This is coming from a Victorian surfer which are lucky when it comes to crowds compared to the Queenslanders. It was only small when I was up in the winter time but such a fun unique wave. Its [...]

Boobs Torquay Surf Report

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Boobs is a part of a selective group of reef breaks along the Jan Juc to Bells beach coast line. In this particular area there are four different breaks to choose from. Steps, Evo's and Boobs are the main ones to hit up if the swell is pushing on from the SW at around [...]

Cold to Mid Warm Water Surf Wax

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Check out this videos of Location Co's recent test of our cold to mid warm water surf wax. Here at location Co we're really proud in what we've created. Our surf wax is the only surf wax on the market that works like it should. Get on board and give it a go! [...]


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This was and extremely tough blog to write as Australia is spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect wave. I've surfed most of this list and those I haven't have only come with rave reviews. These beaches deliver consistency within the conditions and just flat out fun! South Cape Bay, TAS [...]