Cold to Mid Warm Surf Wax


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Our Cold to Mid Warm Surf Wax is our perfect blend of Cold meets Warm water. Great for the surfer that like a firmer feel in cold water and a softer feel for Warm water. This is our most popular surf wax for use as a top coat for that extra grip. Awesome for water temperatures that range from 15 degrees – 24 degreeā€™s.

Great for Locations like: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, South Africa, Europe, America.

21 in stock

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On Location with Location! Grab yourself the best and stickiest surf wax going around. With it guaranteed to bead up all over the board, your feet will be firmly planted. Never miss a wave with Location Co’s developed wax. With added ingredient’s this is the world’s first performance surf wax!

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