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Location Co Established 2016

Enjoying the BIG Ride

Location Co is all about having fun, seeing what the world has to offer, living every moment & taking it all in.

Our Journey

Location Co was born on the beaches of Australia in 2016 by three Aussie kids.

Matt, Kat and Alex are co-founders spending summers surfing at Torquay and Phillip Island… dreaming of the next and what could be.

In the summer of 2015, while surfing YCW, the idea was formed. Having grown up around the surf, knowing each beach was a different wave, each wave is unique … and that needs a unique wax, one that could change the way you ride.

No wave is identical, no ride is the same … and at the time no wax enhanced our performance & time in the water. When you have a quality product, it performs, exceeds expectations, it last, it looks good and most importantly it feels good. So the team decided to create their own range of waxes – one that remains sticky, beads up for a longer lasting ride.

…and that’s where we got our inspiration.

We want to encourage more people to get in the water, try something different and start taking life in a new, exciting direction. Our wax is aimed at building confidence for all surfers … and gain traction under their feet.

Meet Our Team

Matt is the short boarder of the group and known to his closest mates as Bisho. Lover of the ocean you will mainly catch him glued to his surf apps and weather forecasts, trying to work out where the swell is and the hurricane that is bringing it in. A very passionate person who loves to teach people about the world of surf, whether that’s reading the ocean, surf reports or out there in the washing machine getting people standing for their first time, he’s always there to help people grow. With a strong connection with the environment and people it’s easy to see why he, along with his wife and brother in law, started Location Co.
Kat, also know as the ideas women, is one of the key creators behind the company Location Co. With a head for strategy, can do attitude and strong believer for living out your dreams – no matter how big or small. One thing we admire about Kat, is her passion. Not only is she passionate about all things summer, in particular stand up paddle boarding. All summer you’ll see Kat relaxing by the water with friends and family and enjoying everything the ocean has to offer.
Alex, not only is he the youngest he’s the guy everyone get’s along with. The only long boarder of the group, his love for the beach started at a very early age. His stomping ground was, and always will be, Phillip Island. Always planning his next move down there. Hitting the surf has become a peaceful diversion for Alex from his high pressure job and you can often see him lying face up on his board after catching a wave just soaking it all in.