Knowing how hard to push when applying your Surf Wax can be trial and error … until you get it right! Believe me there isn't much to it, PATIENTS is the key. Applying surf wax correctly is the single most effect thing you need, other than a surfboard! Sounds simple but it amazes me to see surfers rip out their boards with film, after film [...]

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Todays Surf Wax and What Its All About!!

Today's surf wax has a mixture of ingredients, these differ between manufactures. Some keep ingredients to a minimum, creating a very simplistic wax, others use a variety of ingredient to achieve what they believe to be the best surf wax on the market. If I dare say there are a few brands out there [...]

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It’s all about the BEADING people! The 3 Critical things for your next surf wax!

A couple of things to look for when buying today's surf wax; Does it bead up correctly: When watching  surf events you will have seen the pro's with nicely groomed bubbly waxed boards. That's what we’re talking about! It is important to realise that these guys and girls get an endless supply of surf wax [...]

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