It’s all about the BEADING people! The 3 Critical things for your next surf wax!

A couple of things to look for when buying today’s surf wax;

Does it bead up correctly:

When watching  surf events you will have seen the pro’s with nicely groomed bubbly waxed boards. That’s what we’re talking about! It is important to realise that these guys and girls get an endless supply of surf wax and basically have new wax every day. It’s still possible for us weekend warriers to still get this effect.

The beading of the surf wax allows your feet to gain grip on your board, the same way car tyres gain grip on the road. Using the edges of the wax enhances the gripping affect. Without this you have the possibility of slipping right off your board. Just as you’re pitted so deep on some mongrel of a wave, you plant your front foot for extra speed, and next thing, your finding Nemo!

Does it apply evenly:

Trying a few out there is a good idea. Every wax is different and its really a personal choice. So instead of just going with the one your mate used or has been in the family since the 70’s, branch out! Does the surf wax spread across the board evenly, and not just clump everywhere causing an uneven surface. Its important for the wax to bead up as I mentioned above but you don’t want the wax representing a small city on you board.

Does it grip

Just feeling the wax in your hand as your about to purchase it should reveal whether its going to grip correctly. You do this like your gripping a stress ball, your hand and fingers should nearly stick to the bar of wax. There should be a tacky feel. On the board as mentioned above it should bead up and those individual beads should be really sticky. The wax should have sticky properties in it, and when rubbed on the board this will increase.

Make sure you shop around, check the water temperature you mainly surf in, and don’t be afraid to trial a few! Build the confidence under you feet with the right wax.

Head into your local surf shop around the Torquay, Phillip Island and Mornington Peninsular areas and ask about the new Location Co high performance waxes.

Click the link>> ‘What to look for in your cold water surf wax’ in our video section of our website.

Next up is a controversial one that gets both parties arguing till the cows come home!

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