This was and extremely tough blog to write as Australia is spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect wave. I’ve surfed most of this list and those I haven’t have only come with rave reviews. These beaches deliver consistency within the conditions and just flat out fun!

  1. South Cape Bay, TAS
    South Cape Bay is the most southern part of Tasmania. Its inlet is situated perfectly for all the south east swell direction that the southern part of Australia mostly gets. The unspoilt beaches that line that cape do have a price, It requires a bit of a hike from South Cape Road. There are stories South Cape Bay is notorious for snapping boards, my advise is to bring a few boards on your travels. The swell does get quite large at South Cape Bay, yet are extremely clean. The locals are extremely helpful and very willing to share local knowledge they have. South Cape Bay is a five hour hike from Cockle creek if you cant get down South cape road. You will be passing through privet land, so respect local laws and make sure all gates you open, you close.south-cape-bay
    With a swell direction of S or SE with light winds, South Cape Bay is worth the effort!
  2. Bells Beach, Torquay, Vic
    Bells is one of the most iconic surf spots, hosting the longest running surf event to date “The Rip Curl Pro” established in 1973 (WSL stop number three). Its long powerful right hander that delivers extremely large waves usually around winter time, that absolutely drive it’s way through the line up. Believe me when the swells large Its not for the faint hearted. On smaller days it’s a really fun wave that just keeps on giving you those fun ripable rides. With Winki Pop just next door that provides some diversity with a reef break, with the possibility of getting barrelled.bellsbeach4
    Take on bells with a SE swell direction, swell height of 4-6 foot with NE wind direction and with these conditions your in for one radical session.
  3. Gunnamatta, Mornington Peninsular, Vic
    This area of Victorian coast line is the most consistent surf conditions. Starting from Sorrento all the way down to Cape Shank the beach line is perfectly located for the southerly swell rolling in. Its a constant beach break with strong rips and a lot of channels, for those less experienced may find it challenging as the banks are constantly changing.gunners
    S or SE swell at double over head, drop everything and head down.Just An hour out of Melbourne, for those early birds, you can easily get a session in before work.
  4. The Pass, Byron Bay, NSW
    Byron Bay is a tough one when choosing a surf break. It offers so much diversity when it comes to wave selection. Excuse the pun, you just cant pass up ‘The Pass’ which is located at the end of Clarke’s Beach.the-pass
    SE or E swell direction is the best time to take this wave on.
    It’s a beach break is constantly moving so it’s interesting to see what’s on offer on the Byron Bay coast. Constantly picked as one of the top breaks in Australia. The great thing about the break is if it gets too crowded for your liking, head up to the next break.
  5. Northern Beaches, Manly, NSW
    Manly being so close to Sydney its easy to see why it’s so popular within the surfing community. The stretch of beach from Manly to Palm Beach offers a bustling vibe with restaurants, pubs, cafes, and retail stores strategically placed along the strip. With three kilometres of beach to choose from I suggest you start at North Narrabeen. If its far to crowded and struggling to catch a wave, go south you’re sure to find something for your skill level.north-narra
    The iconic wave that’s on offer will require NE-E ground swell with NW-NE winds, which on the lower tide crank up hollow barrels.This will require radical skill to take on the waves and the locals that call this left at North Narrabeen home.
  6. Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, QLD
    This would have to be by far the best place in Australia to surf. You have the weather which seems to be always sunny and hot, and the water which at its minimum reaches 22 degrees. With the WSL season kicking off at Snapper Rocks, this wave has two sections which is dubbed the Superbank. The wave hollows out forming a tight barrel that seems to run forever. This right hander located on a sand bank, will give you the ride of your life.snapper
    Taking it on will require a E-SE swell direction and just about any sort of wind.

    With Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning calling this spot home it will require you to be a little competitive. With Burleigh Heads just up the road this is a good second option.
  7. Duranbah, Gold Coast, QLD
    Known to locals as D-Bah its situated on the north side of the Tweed River which separates NSW and QLD. With its trade mark right hander this type of wave tends to barrel. It’s one of the most consistent waves on the Gold Coast. While all the other spots are close outs due to a NE swell direction D-Bah will keep firing, so crowds can get overwhelming.d-bah
    Whilst D-Bah will work with a NE around to S swell direction, a huge local crew demand this spot.

    So elbows out when competing for a wave at D-bah.
  8. Point Break, Noosa, QLD
    Point break is a classic spot for long boarders. Tipped as one of the best long-boarding spots in the world, with a stretch of beach just up from the Sunshine coast you’ve found yourself at Noosa heads. This wave takes on many conditions,point-break
    from its NE-SE ground swell its easy to see why surfers make the trip, with nothing else working around Noosa.

    This wave offers everything for all kinds of skills levels. Point break is perfect for the beginner board rider offering easy paddle outs and on a good day 200 metre rides. At Point break you will be rubbing shoulders with professional and beginners.
  9. Cactus Beach, SA
    Cactus Beach can be deceiving, with its calm small left handers which gives you a relatively easy take off point, into a great little barrelling section. Usually the local surfers will be surfing other spots but it still gives you a very consistent and fun wave. Hitting winter your getting the direct SE swell which does close out in spots, finding yourself in the right spot will give you a jacked up radical ride you’ll be bragging about for years.cactus
    The sand bank which is continually moving, is at its best with a S-W swell direction combined with a NE wind direction and will take up to 10 feet.Its widely known by international surfers, when those meaty swells are coming through in the winter, it’s one not to miss.
  10. Margret River, WA
    Margret River is Stop number two for the WSL tour, and you can see why the WSL peeps can’t resist another Aussie spot. Its well know to surfers that this perfect barreling left and right hander can and will get dicy. If its in the 6 foot range (which can hold up to 25 feet) you’re in for a very radical ride. With its deep barrel and a lot of moving water makes this wave extremely powerful. If you go right and don’t make it out the other end, you might find yourself on the rocks, know as the surgeons table.margret-river
    You will find it works best in a solid W swell combined with an E wind direction, that should only be surfed on the mid to high tides.
    An extremely fun wave that does produce the crowds. Although Margret River is not for the inexperienced, this doesn’t stop the beach lovers heading down to catch the rays.
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